Marine coming back to Texas roots

I am a 21year-retired Marine from Houston Texas. I enlisted at the age of 20 and aspired to return to my Texas roots one day. A few months ago I began looking for a realtor in Texas, that is how I was fortunate to make contact with Barbara Shallue. I explained that my family and I were planning to relocate to Austin, Texas. She was extremely helpful in answering my questions via phone. I felt confident in her knowledge and work, and she began looking for the piece of land we needed. I kept contact with her and realized she was amazing!!! Nevertheless, Barbara contacted me and said she had multiple properties ready for me to see. I decided it was time to make a trip to Austin and look at the properties with her. We came up with a date and ended up finally meeting. She was a very nice and organized, just as I expected. We ended up seeing all the properties and decided on the one that was best for what I was looking for. To make a long story short we finally decided on the property and with her help I was able to make an offer. Everything went well and even though I lived in California, she did everything she could to keep me informed throughout the whole process. I was really impressed with her work ethic and dedication. I feel luck to have worked with her. She really is a wonderful person!!

— Victor Moyado